Tuesday, April 19, 2011

VDR Remove Damaged Restore Points

Corrupt restore points, which are identified during integrity checks, should be removed. Restore points may be identified as damaged during transient connection failures. If transient connection failures are possible,check if damaged restore point issues are resolved after connections are restored.


Before you can remove damaged restore points, you must have restore points in a functioning Data Recovery


a. In the vSphere Client, select Home - Solutions and Applications - VMware Data Recovery.

b. Click the Reports tab and double-click the integrity check that failed.

The Operations Log for the event opens in a separate window. Note which restore points triggered the failure.

c. Close the Operations Log and click the Restore tab.

d. From the Filter dropdown list, select Damaged Restore Points.

Available restore points are filtered to display only the virtual machines with damaged restore points. It may be necessary to expand a virtual machine's node to display the damaged restore point.

e. Select damaged restore points for removal and click Mark for Delete.

f. Initiate an integrity check.

Completing an integrity check causes all restore points marked for deletion to be removed.

g. Review the results of the integrity check to ensure no damaged restore points remain.

Thats It.

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